Week Nineteen: Devotions and Affirmations

Following last week’s “ramping up” I felt that I needed more day to day support that felt really personal to me. I spent much of the week collecting the affirmations I had written that felt important- tweaking some and writing some new ones. In my spiritual work with A Course in Miracles, I realized that there were some messages that I wanted to read again and again. I also felt that I wanted to consciously include my personal guide I am working with on a day-to-day (if not minute-to-minute) basis.

What emerged was what is below. I recorded it with my own voice and I listen to it right when I wake up as well as at bedtime and other times of the day. I love it so much that I am sure I am on to something, and decided that was what was important to share this week.

Disclaimer: I know the language of A Course in Miracles sounds patriarchal, but I have gotten past that because the messages are so worth it. I had let go of the words “God,” “Father,” and “He” many years ago, but am inviting them back in these days. I realize that this blog will not be for everyone, but I am hoping to be an inspiration for those who would like to make their spiritual practice more personal and unique. Enjoy.

I AM waking with excitement, curiosity, and wonder to discover new things I will create with my personal guide in these 24 hours, and am open to receiving all!!

From A Course in Miracles Lesson #267: “My heart is beating in the peace of God.” “Surrounding me is all the life that God created in His Love. It calls to me in every heartbeat and in every breath; in every action and in every thought. Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness. Now my mind is healed, and all I need to save the world is given me. Each heartbeat brings me peace; each breath infuses me with strength. I am a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love, and held forever quiet and at peace within His loving Arms. Each heartbeat calls His Name, and every one is answered by His Voice, assuring me I am home in Him.‘Let me attend Your Answer, not my own. Father, my heart is beating in the peace the Heart of Love created. It is there and only there that I can be at home.’”

My Vision: I am thrilled to take the bold, unusual, and loving step of having a single vision for this period of time from now until March 31st, 2017.  I set the conditions for JOY to permeate every single moment. Each and every day I connect with Universal Mind, forgiving the past and trusting my guidance in the space of the present moment. Through BE-ing and ALLOW-ing, seeds are planted in the fertile soil of Universal Substance. How amazing it is to give myself the gift of watching what grows from this place of Oneness.

From A Course in Miracles Lessons #257 and 258, adapted: Let me remember what my purpose is! If I forget my goal I can be but confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in my actions. No one can serve contradicting goals and serve them well. All that is needed… is to be determined to remember… to train my mind to overlook all little senseless aims and to remember that MY GOAL IS GOD. His memory is hidden in my mind, obscured by my pointless little goals which offer nothing (and simply do not exist). God’s Grace shines. I clear out the toys and trinkets of the world to see this Light. I forgive myself for not seeing and knowing this in the past. God, and therefore Peace, is the only goal I have today.

My life exemplifies my courage, focus, and decisiveness- allowing me to imagine and create.

I AM honored to work with my personal guide throughout my day, completely knowing each next step to take, in truth and power.

I give myself permission to seek and speak truth in all circumstances.

I practice being the peace I seek.

I love the peace that comes to me at any moment I ask for it.

My joy gives me an appreciation and gratitude from which to create.

I give myself permission to be ENOUGH.


8 thoughts on “Week Nineteen: Devotions and Affirmations

  1. Kevin S

    The last sentence of * I give myself permission to be enough!* is a great way to look at being “Enough”. I frequently have that silent conversation to myself when things don’t go right. So from here forth I do give myself permission to be “Enough”
    Great post!


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